‘Ter Stegen’ urges Barca to stop conceding goals so easily.

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Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Barcelona’s first-choice goalkeeper, has urged his teammates to stop conceding goals easily after their defense suffered three injuries in the game against Barcelona. Ranada

ter Stegen returned to goal for Barca in Sunday’s game against Granada, but their defense still conceded three goals in the game. This made the plans they had prepared seem completely stuck.

Defensive problems remain a big problem for Barca and Ter Stegen admits his side must improve as soon as possible. ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app/

“Losing goals in a short period of time affects the mentality of the team. We wanted to get back in the game and almost did. But then it happened again with three goals conceded like that. We have to stop conceding goals easily,” he said.

“At the end it was just a little bit of everything. We must be more committed. Connect more games to score goals. We know this. Today we didn’t do it well enough. I hope we can connect more next week.”

Ter Stegen was also asked about the team’s hopes of winning La Liga after only drawing in the game.

“I don’t know. Yes, we still have games against Real Madrid and Girona to play. And there are many teams that are very unique, like Granada today. Now we have to get back on the gas and try to get every point every week from now on.”