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The dangers of washing your hands too often

We are taught to wash our hands every time. Normally, germs enter through various organs of the body such as the mouth, eyes, nose, ears, genitals, and skin with wounds. The organ that can move with the most other such organs is the hand.  Therefore, if

The best sources of omega 3 from plants for vegetarians.

Omega-3 fatty acids Important for cardiovascular health Reduce the chance of triglycerides occurring. Reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and reduce acute blood clots. It also helps nourish the brain. Reduce cell inflammation Prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, prevent Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, ADHD, allergies, and many

Easy belly toning poses

For girls who are worried about Belly fat that causes the belly to become bloated, protruding, and to the point of losing confidence when wearing clothes. Until you don’t want to dress up. Today we have 5 poses to reduce your stomach quickly. This is

Tips for drinking water to suit your body

Drinking lots of water each day will not only help your health. The metabolic system is working well. It also makes the skin moisturized. Not dull either. Plus it’s good for the kidney system. Helps the kidneys not have to work too hard. Because each