What games does live casino games sites offer?

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As we know There are different types of casino games. Each game is unique and fun. In the category of live casino games. Most of them are table games that are easy to play. Finish quickly to open the next round for players to win instantly. Examples of popular casino games include:

Live Casino Live Poker

A card game recognized worldwide as a croquet. The player’s task is to combine the cards in the hand with the community cards in the highest order in the circle. Popular live poker games are Texas Hold’em, 3-Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, online poker. There are two points of live poker: Live poker is a 1:1 match between the dealer and the player only. No matter of seating position is involved. and another point of difference is Live casino games are dealt/draw/random cards by real dealers. But in online poker it uses a random system from a computer UFABET 

Live Casino Live Roulette

Predicting which number (or color) the ball will land on the wheel is the main challenge of this game. is a wide selection of betting types In which each type of bet is linked to the payout rate And the winning rate in each round by live roulette that is currently open for service There will be both European, American and French roulette, including versions with new features such as speed roulette, lightning roulette and auto roulette, etc. The highlights that make the live version different from roulette. online is Players will see the dealer running the game every step of the way. Since opening to place chips, random balls in the wheel until the wheel stops and sees the result