Valverde OK with winning comeback – hopes to defend title.

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Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde is pleased with the team’s comeback win. Ready to defend the championship in the football European arena.

The White Kings defeated Celtic 5-1 in their Champions League Group F final on Wednesday. Finishing first in the group UFABET

“It’s always nice to get something personally. like this award (Best player of the game). But what matters is winning group championship. And come back to rebuild our identity after two disappointing matches against Leipzig and Girona.

“I think the big difference at the moment is that when I score goals from outside the box I seem more confident. You train, of course, but when I was in the position of scoring the opponent’s goal right now, what I think first in my mind while shooting is how to shoot and score goals. Maybe before then it wasn’t a big deal.

“I don’t think in our minds which team we will face (in the next round) because last season the road to the final was very difficult. and we can pass We will be looking forward to the lottery. and trying to defend the championship

The game Valverde the Uruguayan midfielder contributed 1 goal and 1 assist for the famous Spanish team.