Richarlison admits on a psychiatrist to clear up images.

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Richarlison the Brazil and Tottenham Hotspur striker challenges netizens to make fun of him on his funny day. But you might shed tears on the day. I got serious after consulting a psychiatrist to fix my gun problems.

The 26-year-old striker has just scored 1 goal in the Carabao Cup this season. As for the team name ‘Seleção’, it goes all the way back to the 2022 World Cup. In the past, they’ve been trying to get a chance to be a real player. But they’ve often been confused UFABET

Or in the latest match of the 2026 World Cup qualifying round in the South America zone. Defeating Peru 1-0 his header was confiscated because he was offside. 

waning confidence With the sounds of ridicule from social media starting to eat away at the Samba star’s thoughts more and more. Until he revealed that when he returns to England he will consult a psychiatrist.  

“On the field, I am satisfied with my performance as a player playing for the team. Trying to find a way to help to the best of our ability. But when the results don’t come out the way we want.”

Opening his mouth through ‘Globo Esporte’

“I think this part is due to the effects off the field that bother you. Even though you want to do the right thing, in the end it’s wrong.”

“From now on I will concentrate on creating results at the club. Finally, the monsoon will pass.”  

“When I go back to England I will find a psychiatrist to help. Take care of your mental state To come back strong again.” 

“Personally, I believe that the announcement of the names of the next names should be in place. It is to continue to create good results at Spurs. I will go back and discuss with them. I need to continue to push my form call the rhythm of the game. And come check the names for your next trip in a refreshing way.”  

Richarlison ‘s only goal in the league was back in April against Liverpool in a £ 60 million exchange from Everton last summer.