Fernandez delighted that Blue-White conquered oxygen sparseness in La Paz.

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Enzo Fernandez the midfielder of the Argentina national team was satisfied with his personal. And team performance in the 2026 World Cup football qualifying round. South America zone defeating Bolivia 3-0 yesterday despite facing obstacles in the region.

La Paz, Bolivia, which has an altitude of 3,625 meters above sea level has forced the visiting team’s players to play under thin air. That makes it difficult for them to breathe. UFABET Until the ‘Albi Celeste’ doctors ordered. Players carry an oxygen can with them at all times.

Choosing to travel to the Bolivian capital from Sunday (local) helps the world champion adjust. Leading to the collection of 6 full points in two matches in September. 

“In La Paz, I had difficulty breathing, the weather was thin. But try to adapt.” Fernandez who scored 1 goal in yesterday’s game, said via ‘TC Sports’.

“Changing to racing in an area this high above sea level is difficult. But I still feel good. It will be difficult to adjust in the first 20 minutes.” 

“Representing our national team is a wonderful thing to happen. We all want to serve the motherland more and more.” 

Enzo has played 15 times for the Argentina national team, scoring three goals and two assists. Even though he was a starter for only 9 games.