Deschamps supports Pogba to save his career from all the drama.

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Didier Deschamps the coach of the French national team gives encouragement to his favorite midfielder. Paul Pogba to be able to return to restore his reputation and performance in the high-level professional football path once again. Because throughout the years I have faced only bad things.

Since his contract expired from Manchester United and signed with Juventus last year. The 30-year-old midfielder has haunted by injuries continuously. Where is there still being blackmail from my real brother? And in the case of not passing the doping test Suspend from work indefinitely UFABET 

All the various dramas that are sure to affect the physical and mental condition of the 2018 World Champion star. All ‘Dede’ can do is sent good encouragement. 

“Is it about Paul Pogba? To be honest, I’m very surprise. At this time, the whole story is still unknown. It is expected that more details will follow.” the 54-year-old coach told ‘Telefoot 1’.

“That guy got bombarded with all sorts of things. In the past, we communicate via text messages. You will find more time to talk with him, I guarantee.” 

“As far as we know each other personally. Can’t imagine how he got involve with doping. But such issues have arisen.”

“Now it will take some time to figure out why this happened, how it happened.” 

“Pity him too. I want to say that this coach always supports you.”  

An investigation into Pogba’s exposure to banned substances from the Italian professional league is ongoing. If the player is truly guilty. He or she will be ban for a maximum of 4 years.