Chilwell thigh injury could affect the World Cup.

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Chelsea left-back Ben Chilwell has suffered an injury in the last game. Many are concerned that it may affect England’s quota for the World Cup.

The 25-year-old full-back started the final Champions League group stage match. Which Indigo Blue Lions beat Dinamo Zagreb 2-1 on Wednesday night.

However, Chilwell suffered an injury in stoppage time after starting the sprint. As a result, the ex-Leicester City defender put his hand on his left back thigh. And fell down to sit for medical attention.

After the game, Chelsea coach Graham Potter confirmed that his condition did not look good. And that Chilwell had to be sent for further examination UFABET

“It doesn’t look good. It is a symptom in the posterior thigh muscles. We have to check and see how it is.”

British media say Chilwell’s condition could result in the 25-year-old being dropped from England’s squad for the World Cup at the end of this month if the effects are muscular or muscular tendon.

After the game, Chelsea manager Graham Potter came out to interview about the case, saying, “It’s not a good thing at all. The fact that he stopped running stubbornly like that would cause concern. We have to wait for the scan results. But it’s really not a good thing.”

“This injury may have caused him to miss out on playing at the 2022 World Cup, but I don’t want to say more.”