Tips for drinking water to suit your body

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Drinking lots of water each day will not only help your health. The metabolic system is working well. It also makes the skin moisturized. Not dull either. Plus it’s good for the kidney system. Helps the kidneys not have to work too hard. Because each day blood and various waste products Must be sent to the kidneys Without enough water to transport waste products to the kidneys, the kidneys have to work harder. And waste may remain in the body And for anyone wondering if we can drink cold water or not?

The answer ยูฟ่าเบท have is you can drink it. But you should drink it after exercising. To help adjust body temperature Or drink during the day to help reduce drowsiness. But it is not recommend to drink cold water after waking up in the morning. Because cold water causes fat to coagulate and adhere to the intestinal wall. This makes the body unable to fully absorb food. and residual fat occurs Makes us feel unrefreshed, tired and uncomfortable. And cold water should be drunk as water. You should avoid soft drinks. Because it can make your stomach full and cause bloating and bloating. We’ve seen the benefits of drinking a lot of water. Try adjusting your own water drinking habits.

Some people drink 8 glasses of water per day. Some people drink 3 liters of water per day. But today’s secret is to drink the right amount of water for each person’s body. The calculation method is to use body weight x 30 = the amount of water that should be drunk. Day (ml.) For example, weight 57 x 30 = 1710 ml. This means that a person weighing 57 kilograms should drink at least 1.7 liters of water per day, or approximately 2 liters. 

Another tip is to drink enough water according to your age and gender.

  • Ages 4-8 years drink approximately 5 glasses of water or 1.2 liters per day.
  • Ages 9-13 years, drink approximately 8 glasses of water or 1.9 liters per day.
  • Ages 14-18, drink approximately 11 glasses or 2.6 liters of water per day.
  • Age 19 years, drink approximately 9-13 glasses of water or 2.1-3 liters per day.

For people who exercise In addition to drinking enough water per day It is recommend to take a sip of water every 15 minutes to prevent the body from becoming dehydrated.