The dangers of washing your hands too often

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We are taught to wash our hands every time. Normally, germs enter through various organs of the body such as the mouth, eyes, nose, ears, genitals, and skin with wounds. The organ that can move with the most other such organs is the hand.  Therefore, if the hand is contaminated with germs, such as contaminated with the feces of a person with dysentery, Then the owner of that hand picked up food and put it into his mouth. It is clear that there is a chance of contracting the disease if you do not have immunity before.

Washing your hands helps wash away dirt and germs that are stuck on your hands. But sometimes, when we wash our hands too often, it can cause our body to lack immunity to bacteria as well. How washing your hands frequently can have a negative impact on your health? Let’s try to find the answer together with UFABET.

The dangers of washing your hands too often it is Using excessive amounts of hand washing gel that contains alcohol. or washing your hands with soap and water too often It may have the opposite effect. This is because washing your hands too frequently will cause your hands to become dry and cracked, which may become a wound that bleeds. That will allow various germs to pass into the body. So fight that dryness by applying cream or lotion. To add moisture to the hands while the skin is still damp.

When should you wash your hands? How many times a day?

Wash every time you defecate. Without having to divide it into time to defecate Then you will wash with paper or water or other materials because there is a chance that your hands will be contaminated with feces that contain many germs. And it should also cover washing your hand after urinating.

Wash your hands before picking up food. or food entering the mouth of oneself or another person Eat with your hand without using a spoon. (Including not using a medium spoon.) Even more, you have to wash it thoroughly. Many small children have diarrhea. Born from parents or a nanny feeding without washing hands, it is mandatory to wash your hand before putting food into your mouth.

Wash your hands before cooking. The outbreak of various diseases has been mentioned many times. It was caused by only one cook being sick and his or her hand being unclean, so the germs fell and spread in the food. causing tens and hundreds of sick people to follow.

Wash your hands every time you come into contact with the feces, urine, eye excrement, mucus, pus, abscesses, etc. of yourself and others. In other words, every time your hand are not clean.

    How to use alcohol-based sanitizer

    Waterless hand sanitizer It’s a good alternative when we can’t find water and soap. Which if anyone uses hand sanitizer like this Make sure it contains at least 60 percent alcohol and follow the following steps.

    • Squeeze enough hand sanitizer into the palm of your hand to thoroughly wet your entire hand. Rub your hand together until they are dry. By trying to cover the entire surface of the hand. 

    Avoid antibacterial soaps: Antibacterial soaps, such as those containing triclosan , are not more effective at killing bacteria than soaps in general. Using antibacterial soaps can cause bacteria to become resistant. This will make it harder to kill bacteria in the future.